WebJax – A People First Company

The goal isn’t complicated, to provide the safest, most enjoyable and realistic online casino experience humanly possible. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that accomplishing that goal, however, isn’t a walk in the park. The challenge of this and the joy of the end result is why WebJax thrives in this industry.

The names of the games and the faces of the players are no secret, but the power and engine behind them are just that – behind them and rarely known. This is unless of course you happen to be a part of the online casino industry, and WebJax is okay with that. The “proof is in the pudding” they might be prone to say, directing our attention to the countless successful and widely recognized online casinos they operate with today.

This company that started with two brothers and a dream is now one of the most influential web development companies in the online casino and gambling market. This Amsterdam based company, now with operations also out of England, has utilized the most recent and cutting edge technologies like HTML5 and securities software to make a name for themselves. Although they have worked within a wide array of industries where their services have been used and greatly appreciated, they still cater to online casino companies.

The WebJax History with Casinos

From the beginning WebJax has been attached to the online casino industry, which you can read more about when you click on this link. They will tell you that part of the reason is the freedom to create, and bring new concepts and ideas to the market, and that casino players have proven to be an excellent test market for this role. It is also an unusual step these web developers take when it comes to utilizing customer feedback for development. It isn’t uncommon for a WebJax developer to actually visit their clients in order to get a better gauge on their customers response. Some of those casinos like the comeon casino may ring familiar even if you aren’t a regular player as they are one of the largest online casinos anywhere in the world. There are also new projects, like the first ever live casino on www.leovegas.com, that WebJax just finalized and was released last month to an overwhelming response. The success story after success story, WebJax would like to believe, is only evidence that how successful, strong and reliable a website is will be strongly determined by the development company upon which it stands.

A Different Kind of Web Developer, A Different Kind of Company

So who is this engine under the hood, that creates fluid, flexible and amazing websites for those who enjoy the fun and games in addition to the excitement that online casinos offer? Well the owners wanted to share that themselves (see the “who are we” page) and the pride they have in what their hard work has accomplished. The next question for this on the move, cutting edge web developer can only be…what’s next?

With a combined number of 18 employees between their two offices, the amount of work, impact and success this small but proven has produced is daunting. With the aforementioned online company clients and others like fantasino review limited, Thrills casino, where you can play different casino games, like space wars and gratis of voor geld gokken op gokkasten, and also it is hard to believe this organization runs so smoothly with so few employees. This may even be in part due to the mindset that of course began with the two brothers and company founders, which they express in a word, “Leaner”. It is the key they believe to almost all business success, that excess, waste and inefficiency are killers and to running lean helps to eliminate such hurdles. So perhaps this modest crew is simply a reflection of that mindset.

There have been some rumblings here and there within the industry that WebJax is working with a partner on recognition security software to integrate into the web platform. This seemingly makes sense as not only a member of the online safety network association, but a leader in securities technology, it only makes sense that something in this aspect could have merit. The owners only smirk and shrug. What’s next? Looks like we will all just have to wait and see.