Customer Testimonials

If you know anything about WebJax, you know that they take pride in their customer service, and understand that taking care of their customers is the most important job they have. From the some of the feedback from their regular customers to a one time customer who is grateful for an emergency averted, the word is good for WebJax – what customers are saying:

Mike Steel – Blackjack online casino.
“I’m not an IT guy, and really don’t know much about how this computer stuff really works. I had a customer that was losing his mind, saying we had lost thousands of dollars that missing from his account. I couldn’t get ahold of any of my supervisors, and then I saw the toll free help line for WebJax. They acted like I was the president of Slot Machines B.V. himself, and even conferenced our customer into the call! Needless to say, the customer left with his problem resolved, I left elated and if our company ever chose to use any other service other than WebJax, well that would just be crazy.”

Janelle Bright – Casumo Casino
“We had been using the same developer for several years, and there was a constant string of customer complaints about nothing ever working right, or taking to long to load. It has almost been a year now since we contracted with WebJax, and there hasn’t been a single complaint since the initial transition phase. This is the way things are supposed to work.”

Stephen J. – Amsterdams Casino
“We aren’t even a customer but that may change soon. A virus was targeted at online gambling sites and we didn’t have a patch or a defense against it. One of our tech guys knew someone who worked at WebJax. A few calls later we had the virus removal tool in our hands. Fortunately we never had to use it, but I am still impressed with the gesture.”

Garnett Thompson – Mr Green
“Anytime I have a question or need something resolved, I call them and I get answers or resolutions, every time. That’s all I can ask for…”.

Carl Polski – Slot Prince
“We have a great deal of people online at any given time, and that means we are responsible for the safety and security of the thousands upon thousands of dollars that filter in and through our site, so yeah, security is a big deal. I just know after having worked with WebJax for several years now, that it is priority one for them too.It just gives me a comfort believing that our partners are with us and for us.”

These and other kind words from our clients is why we love what we do, as much as we do. It just feels right knowing that our efforts and work have been appreciated. Our promise to all of our clients is to continue pushing and using the newest and best technologies, offer the best service bar none, in the industry and to provide an arena where the fun, excitement and joy of casino play can be had in the safest, most enjoyable environment possible. Our secret is simple, we begin and end with “you” in mind.

Pavel Wludcyk- Editor at
“I am extremely happy knowing that security is just as important to our partners as it is to us. Any problems we faced, was resolved ASAP. One really happy customer here. “