Who Are We?

A Letter From the company CEO

We are two brothers, who as teenagers had a shared dream with two different passions. I had a love for technology, for the power and magic of the internet. My brother was enamored with business, how money worked and how to make it! The dream was finding a vehicle that would allow me to create, learn and use this thing called the “web” and that would afford my brother an opportunity to use that vehicle in a way to make it a money making machine.

That “vehicle” became the web development company WebJax. We are basically like any other web developers except, we do it better and we do it differently. WebJax has permitted me to push the boundaries of technology and express my creative side. It has allowed my brother the best possible options for finding newer and better ways to operate (save and make money) while also helping customers see considerable increases in revenue and size.

Without divulging company trade secrets, let’s just say that we use the newest technologies, the most inventive procedures from coding to connectivity to ensure our customers the very best platform and site for their operations. Even the roles and structure of our staff has been devised in a way that is unique to WebJax and we believe helps to separate us from the crowd.

To create an interface that makes it very easy for our clients end users to navigate, use and interact with make for an appealing site right out of the gate. Building that on a platform that creates a fast, responsive and reliable website makes it possible. These steps continue to build on one another, but notice it all starts with the end user, the gamers and players. So this is logically where we begin. We really make an effort to let the “end” direct how and why we do things, and in this case the people who visit the online casinos are the end, where the rubber meets the road and success or failure is determined. Just as an example of how we do things differently here at WebJax, look at some of the methods or ways in which our development team works. There are actually a couple of roles within the development team that is dedicated to nothing but research. And this isn’t just looking at numbers and trends, or evaluating systems or competing sites. Much of this has to do with actually contacting end users, getting live, real-time input on the product. It is the little things like these that make WebJax a leader, and that is an example of our company going the extra mile to deliver the very best.


Small by Design Intentionally Personal – The WebJax Customer Service Model

Part of that small team that is talked about so much is part of our advantage too. In most cases, each of our clients has one individual from WebJax who takes personal responsibility for the success and failure of that website. We still all work together, but it becomes personal from that point forward, so each of our customers know that someone (and someone they know) will be monitoring, improving and available at all times. Of course with a company like the size of BGO, more personal attention is assigned. The premise is still the same, however, to have each client feel like they are the most important, because they are.

Voice activated technology is something that is high on our priority list currently, we are just thinking about creating as real and a ‘as if you were there’ experience as possible. So being able to hit or stay while sitting at the black jack table is just one of many exciting ideas in the works here at WebJax.

The future we admit is exciting and promising, yet it is important to remind ourselves that being able to offer on time adjustments, gateways or other services to our client’s sites right here right now is the greatest priority. At WebJax we don’t accept “downtime” and understand and appreciate that this is the lifeblood of every site on the web. It is our goal to blend 100 percent reliability with the most advanced, creative and exciting sites available to offer our clients the best product to their customers.

We see our clients as relationships, not a job. And like a relationship, perfecting it takes time and work. I only hope ten years from now we are still updating our website with company news about continued growth and success and that the customers we have now are the customers we will have then!